“Colors of Syria” a special Bazaar for Christmas products

Colors of Syria Bazaar concluded yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus with 120 participants who displayed their creative handmade products .

The bazaar, which lasted for three days, included various products of traditional hand embroidery, soap, food products, jewelry, clothes, sweets, and a lot of Christmas supplies.

The exhibits also included embroideries of various types and colors that covered clothes, accessories, artwork, wool works, colored cloth, handmade  perfumes and gifts, as well as food and sweets corners

The Organizer of the Bazaar, Rana Tabaa, Said to Syria times E- news -paper that the main aim of holding such an event  is to renew commercial and social activity that and to provide an opportunity for women who work in the field of handicrafts to market and promote their products

Tabaa pointed out that since the start of holding Bazaars at the Sheraton Hotel in 2016, “ our purpose has been to promote the products of Syrian women with the possibility of finding permanent job opportunities for a number of them, and to shed light on the traditional Syrian handicrafts in a contemporary way and introduce them to society again”.

Hiba Al- Shami from ( Dajani Soap) participated for the first time in the bazaar. She presented products made of soap, honey, glycerin, and natural herbs . She is participating in bazaars not only for marketing her natural products but also to acquaint people with her work .

The participant Maram displayed handmade crochet works including bags ,clothes  and gifts for the Christmas occasion. She presented beautiful designs that attracted many women.

Nour is another participant who displayed artificial flowers . She believes that the bazaar is a good place to increase experience and market her works .

Another participant  Diab Al –Haffar, displayed old oriental designed-handmade works in which he glued seashells on wooden pieces.

The visitors considered the Bazaar an event  for shedding light on traditional Syrian handicrafts in a contemporary way.

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr