Reproductive Health

The Ministry of Information, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund in Damascus, held a workshop on reproductive health. The workshop was opened by the Director of the Reproductive Health Center, Dr. Reem Dahman, who defined reproductive health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes.She also mentioned the components of reproductive health that include  motherhood, family planning, early detection of cancer, care for women after childbearing age, in addition to medical examination before marriage.


Through the workshop Dr. Ahmed Shaarawi media trainer explained  about   electronic editing in  health media and the importance of spreading health awareness through social media, using means of attraction through multi media which helps those campaigns to reach most segments of society. Shaarawi also mentioned  the characteristics, elements and conditions of media campaigns that achieve  the desired goals.

In the same context, Kinda Kataranji, Director of the Media and Communication Department at the United Nations Population Fund, affirmed to Syria Times the cooperation between the United Nations Population Fund and the Ministry of Information in organizing health campaigns and supporting them in all social media, print, visual and audio.

Kataranji also referred to the role of the United Nations Population Fund in many fields such as empowerment of women,adolescent girls and youth, to support the development of their foster their ability and access livelihood opportunities and their critical role in promoting social cohesion.

Kataranji added "in this workshop about reproductive health, we focused on ensuring women's  psychological and physical health. This care integrated from adolescence to pregnancy and childbirth until the age of menopause, such as providing free medicines, medical consultations and periodic checks".

Ammar Ghazali, Director of Developmental Media at the Ministry of Information, concluded the workshop with a video that embodies the importance of periodic examinations before marriage that protect our children in the future from inherited diseases such as thalassemia.

 Ammar confirmed that  the Ministry of Information will provide support for any initiative that presents support to the health sector.He added" we have to  stand together to spread the culture of health and spread health awareness especially in light of the spread of Coronavirus".


Reported by Sanaa Hasan