Christmas Bazaar is an opportunity to promote Hand craft products

Various products that attract the attention of the visitors, in the "Christmas Bazaar" that was held by the Brigma Company at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus for three days.

The bazaar, which started on Thursday and conclude on yesterday, displayed a various works and hand made products and that the family needs including clothes, food, sweets and drinks for this occasion, as well as crochet works, distinguished woolen, and other things according to Nancy Al- Ajlani the Bazaar organizer.

 Al-Ajlani said to Syria Times e- newspaper that the bazaar is considered an important opportunity to promote hand craft distinguished products in addition to spreading joy and happiness.

“More than 100 young men and women participated in the event displaying their woks which are handicrafts and traditional crafts, such as leather bags, flowers, cloths and Damascene food” she added.

Asmaa Othman, a participant in this event from displayed her hand made chocolate. She wanted people to acquaint with her  product and she found the bazaar a good opportunity to showcase chocolate which people serve it as hospitality in Christmas occasions . She added that her aim of this participation is to market her products.

Participant Hussain Al Sanaknaki displayed handmade accessories, boxes, watches, mirrors and other things all are made from Epoxy Resin , he said that the aim of this participation is to show our products to be widely known. 

Shaza who displayed a collection of  art glass considered the bazaar as an opportunity to introduce her products . She wanted to show her  distinguished works.

Yasmine Hamzat from the Palestine Girls Club pointed out that they participate with hand-embroidered leather and bags, as well as various types of accessories and shawls .

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr