Palestinian Researcher: Fall of Tanakhic Narrative About Historical Land of Israel

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim, Palestinian researcher specialized in Israeli affairs, delivered a lecture entitled ‘The Fall of the Tanakhic Narrative About the Historical Land of Israel.

On Jerusalem Cultural Day, Al-Quds International Institution (Syria) organized a lecture at the Arab Cultural Center-Abu Rumana in Damascus on November 25.

Dr. Khalaf Al-Muftah; Director General of Al-Quds  International Institution (Syria) , Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Miro,  Chairman of the Syrian People’s Committee in Support of the Palestinian People, Brigadier General Akram Al-Salti,  Chief of Staff of the Palestine Liberation Army, Dr. Muhammad Qais, the Palestinian regional secretary of the Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party,  representatives of the Palestinian factions in Damascus, Mrs. Rabab al-Ahmad, Director of the Culture Center-Abu Rumana, and intellectual  and media figures attended the two-hour lecture.

The lecture started with  a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the Arab nation’s martyrs, then the two Arab Syrian and Palestinian anthems were played.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim presented his lecture, relying on several data confirming the fall of the Israeli allegations. Among these data are studies and research carried out by Jewish archaeologists working with the so-called ‘Israeli Antiquities Authority’, such as Israel Finkelstein, David Auseshkin, Ze'ev Herzogand others. Those Jewish archaeologists have proven through archaeological research in the occupied Palestinian lands the inaccuracy of the accounts of the Old Testament’s writers regarding the fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then David and Solomon.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim refuted the narrative of the Book of Exodus, regarding the alleged Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their entry into Palestine. He explained that the aforementioned Zionist archaeologists did not find any evidence for this story through the archaeological excavation.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim said that all the narratives of the Old Testament book about Joshua’s conquest of the land of Canaan is an archaeologically invalid account, as there is no proof in the archaeological sites of the existence of a temple belonging to the alleged Solomon in Jerusalem.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim cited many publications and sayings of Jewish archaeologists, regarding the fall of the Tanakhic narrative about “the historic land of Israel.”

In his intervention, Dr. Ibrahim Khalili, the moderator of the lecture and a researcher in the ancient East and its antiquities, said: “We do not trust the Zionist archaeologists.They have mounted a wave of objection to the fact that no archeological remains were found that match the Torah narratives  , in order to gain the trust of researchers in the world.”

 “The Zionist researcher, Ze'ev Herzog, had placed the Canaanites and the Israelites in one balance, in terms of the reality of their existence in the land of Canaan,”Dr. Ibrahim Khalili added.

At the conclusion of the lecture, the Khalid Abdulmajeed, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Struggle Front honored Mrs. Rabab al Ahmad Director of the Cultural Center - Abu Rummaneh, for her fruitful efforts for the establishment of intellectual activities and valuable scientific lectures in the Center.

Dr. Khalaf Al-Muftah, Director General of Al-QudisInternational Institution (Syria)said that Al-Qudis InternationalInstitution (Syria) is organizing culture events and lecture to protect the Palestinian issue.

Dr. Khalaf Al-Muftah expressed his appreciation of the lecture which was delivered by Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim who used a scientific approach to refute the Israeli allegations.


Reported by:  O. al-Mohammad / InasAbdulkareem

Photos by: O. al-Mohammad