Young Syrian artist Samar Al-Hilou's first solo exhibition

Young Syrian artist Samar Al-Hilou's first solo exhibition 36 distinguished paintings are on display in young Syrian artist Samar Al-Hilou's first solo exhibition hosted by the National Center for Visual Arts in Damascus .

The exhibition, which will last till the end of next month, showcases  dozens of artworks that depict various aspects of life.

Samar al-Hilou is a young artist who recently graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. She loves painting and colors and likes to express her thoughts and feelings through drawings that reflect her own style and vision.

 Al-Hilou told Syria Times  e- newspaper that this is her first exhibition. It is of special importance to her as she was chosen to display her works in this event by professional artists.

 "I am displaying abstract paintings of human figures as I imagine them and as I see them in reality or dream. The paintings reflect different situations in life, including death, birth, hope, despair, meeting, separation , etc," the young artist said.

She added: “My works represent graphic art. I use black and its gradations and add other colors, including yellow, brown and orange to express my thoughts and get the result I want".

Al-Hilou has a vivid imagination that never ends and she believes that when she lets her imagination go she renews herself.

This exhibition is a starting point for the artists and a great opportunity to display her works in a new style.

On his part, Dr. Ghayath Al-Akhras, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the National Center for Visual Arts, confirmed that Al-Hilou's paintings are beautiful and they introduce a new style of drawing.

"The displayed artworks attract viewers even though the artist is a new graduate, because the topics are important and new and they focus on human beings and pain," he added.















Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr