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An interview with Mr. Hassan Hassan researcher in political affairson the sidelines of the" International Conference On The Return Of Refugees."

The conference is a real event that has its connotations and high  value , and we attach many  hopes to it and the topic of refugees is not just  a national issue but  it is also a part of Syrian  identity, past , present, as well  as future.

The national dimension of the conference must be highlighted. Refugees outside Syria can be divided into three groups  The first group is composed of people involved in bloodshed, and this refugee is not welcome.

The second group  is the refugee who  traveled, found work, integrated with society, and settled and adapted to the new country.

As for the third group  , which is the largest group- this is the average citizen who is waiting for an opportunity to return after security was achieved  in Syria. It is his natural right to return to his homeland and his people. There are obstacles facing the refugees caused by the suffocating siege and unfair sanctions, as well as the Corona epidemic.

The conference came as an opportunity to falsify the American allegations  and hypocrisy of America and its allies, which represent  a fake humanitarian role, as it does not want the crisis to end.

Hassan stressed that the Syrian citizens  did not leave their country voluntarily, but because of the terrorism that has besieged the country for years, therefore new channels must  open  through friendly countries especialy  with countries that contain syrian refugees such as Turkey that played a negative role in the war and contributed to its continuation.It will be a window in a closed wall.

Syrians don't need sympathy from others  . They just want  to be allowed to return to their homeland without restrictions or conditions .

Finally, the country needs its children to be part of the reconstruction process and make a better future.

Sanaa Hasan