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An interview with Rafik Lotf Political analyst on the sidelines of the international conference on the return of refugees

Syria Times team held an interview with the journalist Rafik Lotf on the sidelines of the conference.He explains the importance of participation in the conference.

Lotf stressed that there are many decisions in the coming stage, and the conference comes as a positive and important step for the Syrian state and the issue of Syrian refugees.

America and its allies state that the Syrian refugees refuse to return to their homeland due to the Syrian government, but the truth is otherwise. Syrians have been forcibly displaced from their country due to the conditions of war and for fear of the terrorists were controlling their areas. The reason for their departure wasn’t the Syrian government.


The aim of these flimsy statements is for the refugee issue to remain a pressure card on the Syrian government, stressing that America does not view the conference from a humanitarian perspective, but rather from a political perspective, as it is only interested in its political goals in the region such as protecting the Zionist entity and its other interests.

 America prevented many Western and Arab countries from participating   in the conference. Syria,ofcourse   , does not expect any positive initiative from America, but some Arab countries should have  participated in the conference regardless of the pressure on them .

Syria is not only leadership and an army, but as well as there is major humanitarian issues. So the duty of Arab countries is to stand by the Syrian people because they are the ones who pay the price of the sanctions and the suffocating siege which are  imposed by the US administration and its allies.

Finally, Lutf pointed out that the refugees will return to their homeland soon, and the Syrian state will do its best at all levels to contribute to their return and to secure all their needs.

Sanaa Hasan