Damascus opens window for Aleppo’s industrialists in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah

“The Producers 2020” exhibition opened on Monday in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah in Damascus with the participation of 77 producers from Aleppo. Most of them are young industrialists and craftsmen.

The exhibition, which has been organized by the Arab Group for Exhibitions and Conferences, will last until November 6th. It includes many products such as: clothes, food, leather, furniture and handicrafts

Aleppo industrialists, just like all Syrian ones, have been able to overcome the difficulties that they have faced during the years of the war, by setting up small workshops using simple tools and developing them to be of high quality.

They came to Damascus to display and market these products, as Damascus provides great opportunities for merchants and business leaders to promote their products which they made with high efficiency to be sold at reasonable prices.

Laith Madarati briefed the Syria Times e-newspaper on the importance of his participation in the exhibition

“I opened a small workshop three years ago, during which I made many pictures printed on cloth, stone and metal with a delicate and high craftsmanship. Actually, I have used my experience in designing and applied what I have studied at the College of Fine Arts to make my works,” he said.

Another participants in the exhibition from “Unique Advertising Company declared that his participation in the exhibition is with the  aim of selling  his products in Damascus and to show that Aleppo’s products are still alive despite the difficult conditions of war.

He also explained the importance of  using technology and handicrafts to keep pace with the modern image, so that it becomes an integrated painting that emulates global industries.

Aleppo will remain the economic capital of Syria, and Damascus will remain its window to the world with its promising and creativity during all circumstances and challenges.

Sanaa Hasan