The Syrian phoenix rises again …. The Syrian youth are generators of knowledge and science

Syrian youth have never spared an opportunity to be creative, as they work, invent and innovate. They have not succumbed to circumstances. They were able to innovate even by the simplest means available… Syrians are of glory, vigor and passion, and there are many examples of this.

(IN DENT Team) is one of these accomplishments. It is the first voluntary medical platform for dentistry in the Arab world, consisting of Syrian students, dentists and specialists who gathered under the banner of their country to raise it high and prove the effective Syrian pioneering role on the international arena. The team is concerned with translating medical articles, scientific videos and research from reliable international sources into Arabic. Their goal is to provide the Arab dentist with dental sciences to further his knowledge and skill .

To know more about the team and the motive for creating it,  Syria times e-newspaper met Dr. Yazan Al- Omar, Director of (IN DENT Team) and one of its founders. He said, "The team was established in light of the Corona pandemic, where everyone was at home waiting for the pandemic to end until they return to normal life. While following the social media sites concerned with dental pages, I found that there are many similar pages and most of them lack credibility and reliable scientific sources. Therefore, we saw that since we are the only country that teaches medicine, in its various fields, in the Arabic language it was necessary to translate all foreign articles into Arabic, secure them and save them in a comprehensive library that would be a reference for future generations. This is how we formed the team."

Dr. Yazan went on to say, "The first goal of the team is to revive the Arabic language, which gradually began to decline because the rest of the Arab countries adopted the  English language in teaching. As for the second goal, it is to raise the name of Syria high in all forums and to convey a message to the whole world that despite the blockade and war, Syria is unique in knowledge and its graduates are distinguished and highly qualified doctors.

Talking about the team’s achievements, Dr. Yazan stressed, "the team’s achievements are many, but we will mention the most prominent of them; until now, the team has almost translated two hundred articles from English into Arabic.

As for the videos, the team has translated over one hundred scientific and educational videos for students and doctors. It hosts the most prominent dentists in the world in online lectures.  The team has also won global recognition from the "Dental Services Finder" website, which is a world-famous dental web engine, and it added the team within its search engines on google.

As for the expansion plans to make dental science available to everyone and free of charge, Dr. Yazan made it clear that the team expanded in some Arab countries , as it has established branches in Egypt and Iraq, and work is underway to expand soon in the United Arab Emirates.

"The team has become very popular all over the Arab world, as its followers vary from different countries. Some foreign countries, such as Russia, Germany and Sweden, began to top the list of the most prominent followers of the team.

The team produced the largest series in the Arab world in the Arabic language under the title (Bone grafts). This series is the first of its kind and was compiled from several English sources and presented free in the form of an electronic file for all," he added.

"Life is work and  volunteer work is  life, a solidification of belonging and an attempt to rise and return to our civilization and our past glory. That glory which was buried under the rubble of a fierce war that swept away everything with it. Our accomplishments are like a message to the whole world that regardless of the difficult conditions of life resulting from the cruel war and the unjust blockade that our country subjected to, Syria will be resurrected because Syria is Life and we are the sons of life." Dr. Yazan concluded.


Interviewed by: Amal Farhat