"My Heritage is my Memory and my Identity” Festivity in Lattakia

“Heritage is the eternal past. It is the most cherished treasure a nation can be proud of.  Our heritage belongs to every one in our society altogether we can give this heritage a meaning and depth”  Mr.Majd Sarem Director of Lattakia’s culture said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper at the sideline of “ My heritage is my memory and identity “ festivity in Lattakia.

The Festivity  was held  in several Syrian provinces in celebration of  the Arab child Day  which coincidences on October the 18th . 

Mr.Sarem  stressed the importance of preserving Syria’s cultural heritage in the light of the methodical war that is targeting Syria with the aim of destroying its civilization and culture.

 He affirmed the need to defend and preserve Syria’s tangible and intangible heritage which are connected to each other, underlining that reviving the Syrian heritage is the responsibility of every one as it is the heritage of all humanity.

 “ This festivity, which included several cultural, artistic and heritage activities,  aimed at consolidating the civilizational and cultural belonging of children and directing them towards preserving their heritage  because heritage is the greatest motivation for all of our creativity and renaissance” Mr. Sarem added.

Through art we can preserve our heritage 

The cultural Team for Building Life Skills in Lattakia participated in the festivity, with a workshop on qualifying a classroom  at the Martyr “Alaa Salman”  School to revive the art of al-Ajami decorations, and a popular games workshop with the participation of archaeologist Haider Na’isa.

“Traditional art plays a key role in sending out a strong message to the entire world. The most important message is that we, the Syrians, are determined to preserve our   heritage because it is the identity of every one “ Head of the Culture Team for Building Life Skills in Lattakia Mrs Amal Tobal told Syriatimes. 

She underscored that the main objective of this festivity is to strengthen children’s loyalty to their cultural  identity and their rich deep-rooted  heritage by introducing them  in traditional handicrafts.

A number of students , who participated in the workshop  said “ we are very happy to take part  in this workshop  because through art we can contribute to  rebuilding our country and preserved our heritage to transfer it from one generation to another” . 

They stressed “ we should be interested in art , culture, science and all things that make us active and educated builders of our country”.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by : Rawaa Ghanam