“The Colors of Syria" Bazaar helps women find market for their hand-made works

Under the slogan "The Colors of Syria", a bazaar was held on Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus and lasted for three days.

The bazaar included various handmade products of embroideries, accessories, office and home decorations, perfumes, clothes, types of food and sweets that are famous in the Syrian kitchen.

About 120 women participated in the bazaar showing various traditional handicrafts including embroidery, soap, jewelry , clothing, sweets, drinks and food.

The organizer of the three-day event, Mrs. RanaTabba’a, described the event as a small market for showing different types of hand-made products and a good opportunity to show distinguished works.

Rafah Al-Midani, one of the participants in the bazaar, displayed various handicrafts such as: embroidery ,painting on glass and porcelain. She told the Syria Times e-newspaper“I participate in the bazaar to display my products and to prove that women are able to take part in building our society We want to restore our local handicrafts and to revive the heritage of our ancient industry.

About the importance of the bazaar, she clarified: "During such events handicraft makers all meet in one place where we display our products."

Another participant, Hadia Darweesh, who showed hand –made accessories ,rings, earrings, necklaces, flowers and crochet, declared that the goal of her participation is to make others familiar with her products and  to encourage women to make hand –made distinguished works.

Kinana Bilalwho presented  "drawing on glass" works such as trays , dishes etc.., said the bazaar helps the local community see different types of art pieces. 

A number of visitors considered that the bazaar supports these women who worth appreciation and encouragement. 

Interviewed by : Nada Haj Khidr