SCS branch in Lattakia holds the first exhibition of modeling and simulation projects

The  Syrian Computer Society ( SCS) branch in Lattakia has recently held  the first exhibition of modeling and simulation projects, which  includes 11 projects presented by 11 teams from the Modeling and Simulation Club at SCS Lattakia branch . 
The 11  computer simulation models aim at  addressing  various scientific issues including  mathematical, demographic, planning, medical, physical, engineering and artificial intelligence. 

Latakia: Sea and Mountains

In the governorate of Latakia, tourists and visitors have fun on seashores enjoying the sun and swimming. Few kilometers from the seashore, there are mountains, rivers, lakes and fresh air where tourist can eat local delicious dishes.

Hasan Kousa, Chairman of the Tourism Chamber of Latakia said, that the governorate of Latakia has great tourism specifications and can offer high-quality tourism products including chalets and restaurants by the sea, forest, rivers, lakes.  This is enhanced by fantastic weather in the mountains.

Popular Tourism: good services - cheap prices

The Syrian government in general and the Ministry of Tourism in particular has detailed a clear strategy to carry out new projects and investments that would contribute in enhancing the popular tourism and open shores for middle-class  and working – class families.

22 years after his death, Fateh al Moudarres survives the war

I felt chills in my back when I entered the long corridor leading to the large hall in Fateh Moudarres studio to find an outsized mural on the right wall, which was preserved as Moudarres had left it, forming painted layers of croquis, studies, sketch, and ideas on an extra-large fresco. I gently touched the wall, with a sense of gratitude.

As one of Syria’s most celebrated painters, Fateh Moudarres is internationally renowned as the pioneer of modernism in Syria, creating a unique style influenced by Syrian heritage, the plight of the rural population and regional upheavals.

Junior Chamber International in Lattakia launched “Sustainable Development Goals Training” project

The “Sustainable Development Goals Training” project launched by the Junior Chamber International JCI in Lattakia constituted a platform to introduce these goals adopted by the United Nations to achieve a better future and an opportunity to empower young people with effective community work skills and create ideas for sustainable community projects.