The Distinction and Creativity Agency celebrates graduation for the sixth batch of students of academic programs

Last Friday, The Distinction and Creativity Agency held a graduation ceremony for the sixth batch of students of academic programs for the academic year 2020-2021 at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The number of graduates is 39 male and female students who graduated from the National Center for the Distinguished and continued their studies at Damascus and Tishreen Universities and the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology within the academic programs prepared for them as distinguished and within the scientific paths they studied through the center’s curricula in the specializations of mechatronics engineering, biomedical sciences, applied sciences, technology and materials science and engineering Communications engineering and information systems engineering.

The Ministry of Culture launches the activities of (The Syrian National Experience in Translation)

The Ministry of Culture - the Syrian General Book Authority, in cooperation with the University of Damascus - the Higher Institute for Translation, the Arab Writers Union, and the Syrian Publishers Union opened the activities of the National Translation Symposium at Al-Assad National Library in Damascus.

Dr. Lubana Mashawah, Minister of Culture “Translation is a human, cultural and cognitive act, which carries in its strides achievements that have been made, projects that each of us is working on, pitfalls that we have overcome, and concerns and difficulties that we must find solutions to in order to achieve the message that we have dedicated ourselves to.”

“Cross Culture” Carnival 2021 in Lattakia sheds light on the civilizations of 22 countries

With the aim of providing  an opportunity to introduce the peoples’ civilizations and build bridges of communication between different cultures, the National Museum in Lattakia province  hosted a carnival depicting  the civilizations  of more than 22 countries around the world as part of the “ Cross Culture '' Carnival 2021 .

The two-day cultural event was organized  by the  Junior Chamber International  ( JCI) -Lattakia in cooperation with the Directorates of Culture, Antiquities and Museums in the governorate.

The carnival is of remarkable importance as it is considered to be a  journey of discovery into  the  cultures  of 22 countries including  their traditional  clothes , food and the most  important tourist and cultural sites.

"Love messages 8" Exhibition shows various themes

The collective art exhibition entitled “Love messages 8” for the students of the studio (A B D), who are supervised by the plastic artist Adnan Hamida, was held at the Arab cultural Center in Damascus in the presence of the Minister of Culture Lubana Mshaweh, and Mrs. Rabab Ahmad, the head of the Arab Cultural Center.

The exhibition, which was held last Sunday to honor the late artist Fouad Abu Assaf, who recently passed away, displayed small paintings that depict various themes related to different artistic schools including classical impressionism, expressionism, and abstraction and other artistic schools.

“Peace Makers” Association in Lattakia holds “Lamma and Hikaya” carnival

Under the auspices of the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor in Lattakia, the activities of “Lamma and Hikaya” (gathering and a story) carnival were launched at “Orouba” Park by the “Peace Makers” association in Lattakia in cooperation with the city council.

The coordinator of the campaign Danya Zeidan said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper “the peace Makers” association’s main goal is to spread the culture of peace through art. Every year the association carries out different activities marking the International Day of Peace”.