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kofta is a dish of meatballs or meatloaf  found in the Indian subcontinent, South Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian cuisines.

In the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, kofta is usually made from lamb, beef, mutton or chicken, and served cooked in a spicy curry sauce or gravy .It is eaten with boiled rice or a variety of Indian breads. In India also kofta can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

 In Greek, Cypriot, and Balkan kofta may be cooked with pork, beef, lamb, or a mixture of the three.

Potato Mufarakeh

Mufarakeh is one of the generic names of various vegetable dishes.  Some dishes are vegetarian like Mufaraket Kusa (courgettes mufarakeh), some use eggs, and some are cooked with ground meat. The only common factor is the simplicity of these dishes. They are usually easy to make, quick, simple.

The word Mufarakeh could be roughly translated to Rubbed or Massaged.

Potato Mufarakeh is a simple dish of potatoes, onions and minced meat. Traditionally the potato is cut into small cubes, fried and cooked with the meat in a pot. The result is a yummy dish but not great looking.


Manakish or mu‘ajjanāt ('pastry') is a popular food in Syria and is almost the equivalent of the Middle Eastern homemade flatbread pizzas.

Manakish is specific to Lebanon.  It was a key component in the Lebanese breakfast during the civil war. 

The word Manakish is rooted in the Arabic verb naqash, which literally means to sculpt, or carve out.

Manakish is made from smaller portions of dough left over from daily baking. Classic Manakish are typically with one of three toppings: minced lamb, cheese, or a mixture of za’atar spice(thyme) and olive oil.

Cherry Kebab

Cherry Kebab (Kebab Karaz in Arabic), Aleppo's most famous dish symbolizes everything that is unique about cooking in that ancient city. First of all, it is a kebab and Aleppo is the kebab capital of the world. Then it is rich, strongly flavored, sweet and sour and uses the glorious cherry fruit. In Syria a special kind of sour cherry is used for this dish.

Aleppian cooking differs significantly from that of Damascus and the rest of Syria-which is why the food is far more exotic and richly flavored. One of the Aleppian cuisine characteristics is the use of fruits in main dishes which is almost unheard of elsewhere in Syria or the rest of The Levant.


Moussaka is a word of Arabic origin. Which means "Chilled" as the dish is served at room temperature.

The common theme between all the different versions of Moussaka around the world is the two main ingredients aubergine and tomatoes. In Damascus Moussaka is served as a side dish or as part of mezze and strictly vegetarian. In some other parts of Syria ground meat is added and the dish is served as a main. In Lebanon chickpeas are a common extra. The Turkish and Egyptian versions call for ground meat and the Greek one is with the traditional layers and white sauce topping.



1- One large aubergine

2- Two tomatoes

3- One onion