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kousa mahshi (Stuffed zucchini)

Kousa mahshi is a traditional Levantine dish that consists of zucchinis that have been cored and filled with a mixture of rice and minced meat. The best zucchini to use for this recipe is the small, green variety.

Hollow out the zucchini using a vegidrill, which is a tool like a long apple corer designed for this purpose.

The rice-and-meat filling is usually flavored with ghee, fried onions, pine nuts, and herbs and spices such as (coriander, parsley, cumin, and black pepper). Once stuffed, the zucchinis are typically simmered in water or broth (often tomato-based), while sometimes they can also be fried before the cooking process.


Kibbeh is considered a traditional food in many Middle Eastern countries. It is the Syrian festive food, and is often served as mezze or side dish.

The word kibbeh stems from an Arabic word meaning kubbah which means "ball".

In the Syrian cuisine kibbeh consists of bulgur, onions, ground beef, and some Middle Eastern spices like (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove)

The kibbeh croquettes can be deep fried or baked.

ka'ak with Sesame

ka'ak is a traditional Syrian crispy bread, it is always eaten with meze. Syrians also make cookies as rolled out ka'ak, shaped into baked rings, and it is usually made with cheese or za'atar.

There are different types of Syrian Ka'ak:

Ka'ak which made in a large ring-shape sprinkled with sesame seeds, ka'ak with semolina cookies, ma'moul (or ka'ak bi ajwa) which is stuffed with dates, Ka'ak al-asfar ("the yellow roll") is a cake of bread that is made by Muslims in the Levant to honour the souls of the departed.

Rez bel Halleb (Porridge)

Rez bel Halleb dessert is a Syrian food made from rice mixed with milk and other ingredients such as cinnamon and raisins.

Rez bel Halleb is a lovely Middle Eastern dessert served both in winter or summer. This version is served cold with summer berries, but it could be served warm in the cooler months with poached winter fruits.

It is very easy to cook Rez bel Halleb. Its basic components rice, milk and sugar. It may be seasoned with cardamom, cinnamon, and raisins.

It is served in small plates and it is sprinkled with nuts.

Mamounia (the Syrian semolina pudding)

Mamounia is a wonderful Syrian dessert that comes from the city of Aleppo.

Mamounia is a smooth and velvety semolina pudding topped with chopped pistachio or any nuts you like also add a dusting of cinnamon and a dollop of cream.

Sometimes it served early in the morning to provide a sweet start of the day that will give you enough energy but usually it served as warm for a wonderfully winter dessert or cold in the summer.