Meat Borak

Borak, or in Turkish Borek, is an umbrella term describing a huge variety of filled pastries eaten in all ex-Ottoman Empire countries .It is a crispy flaky crust and a generous filling. Meat or cheeses are by far the most common but potato, sausage, spinach or leeks can be used. Borak can be deep fried or oven baked after being brushed with oil or butter to give it some extra crispness.

In Syria the two main varieties, cheese and meat, are an integral part of the mezze spread. The taste of any type of pastry and filling extras varies a lot from restaurant to restaurant.




Flour 2 cups

warm water 3/4 cup

Vegetable oil 1/4 cup

Salt 1 tsp

For the filling:

Mince lamb 250g

Pomegranate molasses 1 tbsp


Pine nuts






Start by frying the meat in vegetable oil or Ghee butter. Season with salt, pepper and allspice. Once all the water evaporated, add the chopped nuts and the pomegranate molasses. Let the stuffing cool down while making the dough.

In a mixing bowl add all the dough ingredients and start mixing with a spoon.

Roll the dough into a thin layer with a rolling pin. Fold and roll again. Repeat a couple of times to give the dough extra flakiness. The dough is quite oily and it doesn't usually need any extra sprinkling of flour or oil.

Once the dough is ready cut into circles. Spoon some of the meat mixture. Fold and seal the edge by making small firm folds.

Deep fry in hot vegetable oil and dry on kitchen towel.

Serve warm.


Lara Khouli