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Kamruddin Drink

Kamruddin or A'amruddin as we pronounce it in Syria is an apricot juice or sun dried apricot paste made by squeezing hundreds of kilograms of apricot, mixing it with glucose syrup and spreading on giant trays to dry under the summer sun. The final product is a tangy apricot leather-like orange sheet. It was first produced in the Ghouta and Syria produces tonnes of Kamruddin every year with 90% of the production exported to other Arabic countries. All of it to be consumed over the month of Ramadan.



Kamruddin paste 300g

Water 500 mls

Sugar 2 tbs

Orange Blossom water 1tbs



1. Cut the Kamruddin into small pieces. Put in a bowl with the sugar and water and let soak for an hour.

2. Put the whole lot in a mixer and mix for a minute or so till all the kamruddin dissolve. Add the orange blossom water. The drink consistency should be thick.

3. Chill in the fridge and enjoy.


Lara Khouli