Tamari Ka’ak

Tamari Ka’ak is a sweet street snack sold on the back of bicycles, made to order in a matter of seconds, it is cheap and fulfilling. It can roughly be described as a crepe with a pancake filling drizzled with date syrup and tahini and wrapped into a roll. The large thin crepe-like dough is liberally doused with date molasses, placed on top with another thicker and smaller dough, pretty much like a pancake, smaller in diameter but thicker, and then drizzled with more date syrup and tahini, sprinkled with sesame seeds and powdered sugar; tightly wrapped into a roll, cut into slices to nibble easily with fingers and handed to the customer.

Some more modern versions have a sliced banana or different types of fruits as a filling, sometimes a drizzle of chocolate with nuts.

Ka-ak is mean cakes, biscuits, cookies and the like. It can be sweet or savory, stuffed or plain, or shaped into rings, rounds, and fingers or in ovals.


1 cup flour

¼ cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon sugar


For Filling:

2 bananas

¼ cup grapes molasses

4 tbsp tahini

2 tablespoons sugar powder



1- Sift the flour and put in a large bowl and add vanilla and sugar, stir the mixture well.

2- Melt the butter and create a hole in the middle of the flour to put it with the warm milk and mix the ingredients until we have a soft dough

3- Cut the dough into small balls and let it rest for about an hour

4- Extend the dough balls using the rolling pin to become thin and in a round shape

5-In a non-stick pan add a few drops of vegetable oil and put the dough, leave it to become golden color

6-Cut the bananas into long rectangles

7-paint the dough with molasses, little tahini then put a piece of banana and sprinkle a little sugar.

Roll it and serve.


Lara Khouli