Maqloubeh is a traditional Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, and Jordanian dish. It goes back to the medieval period and it is found in Kitab al-Tabikh which includes a collection of recipes from the 13th century.

It consists of meat, rice, and fried vegetables placed in a pot which is flipped upside down when served, and because of that it was named Maqloubeh.

Maqloubeh  includes  a variety of vegetables, such as fried tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, and eggplant, accompanied by either chicken or lamb. The most common are cauliflower and eggplant. All the ingredients are carefully placed in the pot in layers, so that when the pot is inverted for serving, the dish looks like a layered cake.

It is typically garnished with pine nuts and chopped fresh parsley. It sometimes served with salad and fresh yogurt, and is often prepared for feasts.


1 kg stew meat (or any 1-inch chops of beef, lamb or chicken(

1/2 kg ground beef

 1 kg eggplants

2 cups rice

Frying oil

Whole spices for meat (2 bay leaves, a couple of cloves and nutmeg)

1 tablespoon ghee

Salt and pepper to taste

1 1/2 cup assorted nuts (pine nuts, cashews, almonds)


1- Add 4 cups of water to stew meat and boil for few minutes removing any froth that may come up. Then, add whole spices and season with salt and pepper and let simmer for 2-3 hours.

2-Meanwhile, peel and slice the eggplant (1/2 inch slices) and sprinkle with salt and leave for 1/2 hour to sweat. Wash with water and pat dry trying to get rid of as much moisture as possible. Then, fry with oil on high heat until golden brown and arrange on paper towels to absorb oil.

3- Boil two cups of water and add to the rice. Leave for 5 minutes then wash with cold water to get rid of starch.

4- In a big pot, arrange stew meat then eggplant slices then rice and add 3 cups of stew meat stock and leave until they start to boil. Before the mixture dries out, turn the heat down to very low and leave for 25 minutes.

5- Meanwhile, brown the ground meat and season with salt and pepper.

6- Fry the nuts with ghee or canola oil until fragrant and golden brown.

7- When the rice is done, turn the whole pot upside down in a big dish. You will have layers of rice, eggplant and meat. Garnish with ground meat and top with nuts.