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Clear Chicken Soup


2 cup chicken

2 spring onions

Salt as required

1 tablespoon butter

2 eggs

Powdered black pepper as required

Water as required


1- Melt the butter in the large pan on medium flame.

2- Chop the spring onions finely and add them into the pan. Cook them till they are brown.

3- Add the chicken meat to the butter and spring onion mix and let it fry till the meat gets brown too.

4- Meanwhile, put a heavy-bottomed pan on high flame and boil water in it. Transfer the boiling water to the pan and let the meat to get cooked and the juices to get released in the soup.

When it is cooked, strain the soup into a big bowl or pan and remove the fat from it after cooling it and straining it again.

5- Put the pan on medium flame again and add soup into it. Let it boil. Break and separate egg whites in a bowl. Now, slowly pour the egg whites in a thin stream to the soup while stirring it continuously.

6- Add the seasoning of salt and black pepper to the soup mix and let it boil again for around 2 minutes.

7- After the soup is ready, strain it again and serve hot.