Kebab Hindi


•  4 onion, chopped

•  2 kg tomato

•  1 tbsp tomato paste

•  750 grams minced lamb meat

•  1 salt and pepper

•  1 pinch onion and garlic powder

•  1 vegetable oil



•  Mix the salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder with the meat by hands.

•  Shape the meat into oval shaped meat balls by your hands

•  On a shallow pan, fry the meat balls until golden from all sides

•  Peel the tomatoes and cut into small pieces

•  Remove the meat from pan and fry the onion with the remaining oil

•  Put the tomato and the fried onions together in a cooking pot for 1 hour on a medium fire or until the tomato turns very softy

•  Place the meat balls and the cooked tomatoes together in an oven dish and put it in the oven for around 40 minutes on 220°C

•  Additionally it can be served with either rice or bread


Lara Kh.