Ylangy (grape leaves with oil)


   Grape leaves as needed

   2 large onions finely chopped

   2 crushed garlic

   Vegetable oil as needed

   2 large tomatoes finely chopped

   2 green peppers chopped finely

   2 Cup short grain rice

    Salt as desired

    Dried Mint

    Pour pomegranate as desired

    Spoon coffee Ben

    Parsley finely chopped as desired

    Potato peeled and cut as needed

    To prepare the filling:

    Water as needed

    Olive oil as needed

    Lemon juice as needed


1 - Boil the grape leaves for 3 minutes.

2. To prepare the filling: Heat a little oil and fry the onions to wither.

3. Add garlic, tomatoes and peppers. Leave the ingredients on for 5 minutes to wither.

4 - Wash the rice without sipping it and add it over the mixture on the fire.

5 - Add salt and pomegranate molasses according to the desire of acidity.

6 - Sprinkle mint and add the coffee.

7- Turn off the fire and leave the filling cool and add the parsley with stir.

8- Roll the grape leaves, then arrang it bottom of the pot.

9 - Class on top of a layer of potatoes.

10. Mix the ingredients of the broth and the grape leaves.

11. Press them with a dish and cover the pot.

12 - cook on medium heat until they ripen, and serve hot.