Fried potato balls with turmeric


    A cup of flour

    5 mashed potatoes

    Spices as desired

    Tablespoon turmeric

    Spoon Baking Powder

    Half a cup of finely chopped parsley

    Tablespoon starch


    Water as needed

    Oil to fry as needed


1 - Place the flour, mashed potatoes, spices, turmeric, baking powder, parsley, starch and garlic in a bowl.

2. Mix ingredients well with each other.

3. Add more flour if you need to.

4. Corry the mixture into medium-sized balls.

5. Put the balls into the refrigerator for some time.

6. Place the paste of flour and water in a small bowl, but the text should not be too liquid.

7 - Put the balls in the flour mixture.

8. Pour the potato balls in a saucepan of boiling oil until they ripen and become golden.

9. Remove the balls and put them on tissue paper to absorb the oil.