Biscuits and Kit Kat layers

    Kit Kat as needed
    250 grams cream cheese
    1Cup of cream
    Half a teaspoon vanilla extract
    Tea biscuits as needed
1 - Put cream cheese with cream and vanilla extract in a bowl.

2 - Fry the components until they are homogenized by electric or manual mixer.
3 - Class a layer of biscuits in a square pyrex tray.
4 - Apply a layer of cream over biscuits.
5 - Layers of a layer of the fingers of Kat Kat above the cream.
6 - Put a new layer of cream followed by a layer of biscuits and then cream and then the kete. I repeat the ball a third time, the final class of cream.
8 - Distribution some of the kite on the face of the tray.