Bread with olives


   3 cups and one quarter

    1 cup yogurt milk

    Half a cup of warm water

    Spoon instant yeast

     Tablespoon sugar

    A quarter cup of oregano

    Black olives cut into slices - as desired

    Half teaspoon salt

    Half a teaspoon of baking powder

    One third cup olive oil


1. Mix the warm water with yeast sugar and a quarter cup in a bowl.

2. Cover the container and leave the mixture relax for 10 minutes on the room temperature.

3. Add yogurt, oregano, olives, oil, salt, baking powder and the rest of the flour.

4. Stir the ingredients until you have a cohesive paste, divide them into medium-sized balls and arrange them in an oven tray with a little oil.

5. Insert a tray into a preheated oven at medium heat for 15 minutes.