1 lb. cubed lamb or beef stew meat
1 onion, sliced
1 c. diced carrots
1 c. sliced peppers (red or green)
1 c. squash (yellow or green), cubed
1 c. cubed eggplant
3 med. potatoes
1 (28 oz.) can whole tomatoes
1 (13 oz.) can V-8 vegetable juice
1 tsp. Syrian pepper
1 tsp. salt


Mix together meat, onion, carrots, green pepper with Syrian pepper and salt. Place in shallow pan, cover with sliced potatoes, squash and eggplant. Pour whole tomatoes and V-8 juice over ingredients. Cover with foil. Cook in 350 degree oven until cooked, approximately 1 hour.


Butheina Al-Nounou