The animal that lives for 10,000 years

Brine shrimp are also not shrimp, but they do belong to the same group, the crustaceans. They are tiny, just 15mm long. They eat algae, which they filter out of the water. They swim upside-down and breathe through their legs, and females do not need a male to reproduce.

Crucially, they have a unique affinity for salt. They can tolerate concentrations up to 50%. Such water is far saltier than the ocean, which is only about 3.5% salt, and the salt will be on the verge of precipitating out as a solid.

Who ate all the nuts? Fat squirrels

The unusually mild winter temperatures in many areas this year has caused flowers to bloom early, trees to blossom and even produced some of the earliest crops of asparagus ever seen.

But the abundance of food and warm weather also seems to have been having an effect on squirrels too – by making them fat.

Sightings of seemingly overweight squirrels have been sweeping as the rodents take advantage of the mild conditions to cram in extra food in preparation for the cold weather, when it finally arrives.

Much like their distant human relatives, it seems squirrels are also prone to overindulging at this time of year.

Sincere work leads to success

Any work a man does in his life should have a purpose, and that purpose should be good not bad.

Man works hard to succeed and to achieve that success man should work faithfully.

Man should work with others to achieve the success with no selfish ambitions and no narrow vision.

Some people work alone and exclude others to achieve the whole benefits because they are selfish and have backwardness, tyranny and corruption diseases.

When should you tell your child the truth about Santa?

While it may be frowned upon to lie to children, most parents will make an exception when it comes to Santa Claus.

Some parents reflect joyfully on their childhood Christmas experiences and seek to recapture some of that magic with their own children, while others oppose the Santa myth on religious grounds.

But what effect does this all have on children and their development? And are parents better off just telling them the truth from the outset?

Jared Piazza, Lecturer has looked at the arguments for and against perpetuating the Santa story.

A common concern is that lying, ultimately, will erode children's trust in their parents.

Australia's Tasmania may raise smoking age to 25

The Australian state of Tasmania is considering raising the legal age for buying cigarettes to at least 21 and potentially as high as 25.

If the plan goes ahead it will give Tasmania some of the toughest tobacco laws in the world, according to BBC.

The current legal age to purchase, possess or smoke cigarettes in all Australian states is 18.

Critics have complained the proposed restrictions would be a violation of civil liberties.