Will intelligent ROBOTS produce the next great novel?

The robot will now suggest ways of finishing off sentences and paragraphs.

With help from the audience at the event, Sloan made his bot generate the beginning of a dystopian sci-fi novel.

'A long, long time from now there was a robot designed to destroy all the high families. The high families were the ones of course who owned the seasons. When they said so it was summer. When they decreed — winter fell.

Robots that use neural networks, which imitate parts of the human brain and are capable of 'deep-learning', will likely lead to AI that can imitate our writing styles, he said.

Calm Dialogue

The calm dialogue between husband and wife is considered very important to bring back the warmth and affection.

Besides, any problem which may face the couple, should remain at home to prevent any outside intrusion which may increase the diference between them.

The most important question posed in “marriage life” book is: How do the couple turn the disagreements into solutions?

However, solutions could be frankness, openness and a sincerity with the self first then with the partner.

Firas Taleb

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Hair straighteners pose child burn risk

Ten-month-old Joshua is one of hundreds of children admitted to hospital each year after being burned by hair straighteners.

He was injured by straighteners that fell off a table and on to his arm. They had just been turned off but were still extremely hot.

UK burns units say one in 20 of all admissions for children's burns last year involved hair straighteners.

They are warning parents to be extra careful, according to BBC.

Could YOU love a robo-baby?

Driven by a declining population, a trend for developing robotic babies has emerged in Japan as a means of encouraging couples to become 'parents'.

The approaches taken vary widely and are driven by different philosophical approaches that also beg a number of questions, not least whether these robo-tots will achieve the aim of their creators.

So, what are the different design approaches that are being taken to encourage more people to become parents?

These have ranged from robots that mimic or represent the behaviour of a baby through to robots that look much more lifelike.

Is this the biggest snake ever? Construction workers discover 10m anaconda on a Brazilian building site

A giant snake measuring 33-feet long has been discovered on a building site in northern Brazil.

The enormous reptile weighing 400kg was found by construction workers following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, Pará.

Footage filmed by one of the workers shows the snake's gigantic body, which measures one metre in diameter.

A video shows the anaconda was chained to a crane and later lifted up to reveal its yellow spotted belly.

One user wrote: the snake that big has probably been alive for a very long time now.