Evolutionary purpose of grandparents is a mystery: Children fare just as well without them

Humanity would fare just as well without its elders as it does with them, according to scientists.

The claims come as part of a study which found no obvious evolutionary need to live beyond the age of 50 in humans.

The discovery disputes the 'grandmother hypothesis', which suggests humans live long beyond their reproductive age because they care for grandchildren.

The theory also suggests that older members of our communities pass down important cultural knowledge that helps us survive according to Daily mail.

Humans Will Upload Their Brains to Computers to Become IMMORTAL Sooner Than You Think

It may sound like the plot from the latest science fiction blockbuster, but uploading your brain onto a computer to achieve immortality could soon become a reality.

Professor Brian Cox said that the technique, known as 'technological singularity' could be available sooner than you think according to Daily mail.

Professor Cox said that he found 'no reason at all' why human intelligence couldn't be simulated by computers - although he did not express a timeline for this to happen.

Can YOU pass the 'wisdom test'? Take this quiz devised by psychiatrists to find out

Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is believed to have said the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

But a group of psychiatrists disagrees.

They have created a quiz that measures how wise people are based on their answers to questions that test six different qualities.

These qualities include giving good advice, pragmatism, self-understanding, tolerance of diversity and the ability to handle ambiguity and uncertainty.

The test, was created by researchers.

Children will soon want to ditch their human best friend to spend time with a ROBOT instead

Children could soon be ditching their human best friends to spend time with a robot instead, a scientists has warned according to Daily mail.

It comes as a survey claims a fifth of youngsters aged between five and 18-years-old say they expect to become friends with a robot in the future.

Some are already turning to artificial intelligence for company, with eight per cent saying they talk to voice-activated assistants, like they would a friend.

Professor Angelo Cangelosi, said it was likely that young people growing up with AI and robot technology today would develop closer relationships with them in the future.

Cats love a good head scratch

Cats love having their head scratched because it reminds them of their mothers who licked their faces when they were kittens, according to feline experts.

When an owner takes over this role it reinforces the idea they are their mother.

When they don't have their mothers to pester them, scientists found owners giving a head rub serves as a handy reminder to cats that they need to groom themselves.