Study links selfies, happiness

Regularly snapping selfies with your smartphone and sharing photos with your friends can help make you a happier person, according to computer scientists, the authors found that students can combat the blues with some simple, deliberate actions on their mobile devices according to Science daily.

By conducting exercises via smartphone photo technology and gauging users' psychological and emotional states, the researchers found that the daily taking and sharing of certain types of images can positively affect people.

‘Dream lag’ means that we are likely to suffer the same nightmare a week later

It is enough to make you wake up in a cold sweat: that nightmare that just scared the living daylights out of you is likely to recur in a week’s time.

Scientists say we suffer from something called ‘dream lag’ - in which a dream, or nightmare, is repeated five or seven days after we initially have it.

Mark Blagrove, a sleep scientist said: ‘We often tend to dream about what happened yesterday.

Dogs understand what we say AND how we say it

A groundbreaking study to investigate how dog brains process speech has revealed canines care about both what we say and how we say it.

It discovered that dogs, like people, use the left hemisphere to process words, and the right hemisphere brain region to process intonation.

Researchers also say dogs developed the neural mechanisms to process words much earlier than thought.

Lion confined after mauling Canadian zoo employee, staff in shock

 An employee at the Canadian Granby Zoo located east of the city of Montreal suffered serious injuries as she was attacked by a female lion. The animal was confined, a zoo official said adding that the zoo staff is in a state of shock.

One of the zoo’s three lions assaulted a female worker Monday morning as she was preparing to feed the animals and entered the lions’ enclosure. The zoo was not yet open to the public at that time, according to RT.


Since God created Man and put him on earth, the humanity without work can’t continue.    

As humans, we need food to eat, and house to live, so we have to work to get our needs.

The one who works somewhere (active and effective), gets his needs and helps the other to get his too, while the one who doesn’t work (inactive) will need others to help him get some needs.

All religions advise us to work, because work gives us power and hope to build the universe, and work helps us to have positive personality.