Spider Has a Yellow Acid House-Style 'Smiley Face' on Its Head

A colorful spider was spotted with an Acid House-style 'smiley face' on its head.

The garden spider was spotted with unique markings on its body, similar to the symbols on t-shirts. 

Biomedical scientist Heidi Barnes, from Welling, said: 'I spotted it because it was such a bright yellow colour against the bin. I thought 'oh my God look at that. When I saw the smiley face on its head I laughed a lot.'

What's YOUR go-to emoji? Experts reveal what they say about you

Researchers have found that many different factors determine our choice of emojis, the symbols that help us express ourselves digitally. According to Daily mail

An emojis popularity, perceived meaning and even location on a smartphone’s keyboard all play a role in emoji choice.

The researchers found that people are more likely to use emojis with meanings close to popular words, with clear and less ambiguous meanings.

The researchers, based the use of emojis by one million users through more than 1.2 billion messages.

PhD student Wei Ai and colleagues analyzed the relationship of the emojis to words, to measure emoji semantics - their linguistic meaning - and to determine what makes some symbols more popular than others.

They found that more than 9 per cent of the messages contained at least one emoji.

Robots that think and feel like humans will live among us in 10 years

Robots that can think and feel like people could soon be living among us, according to one expert.

An AI engineer,  who has invented a 'virtual nervous system', believes it is only a matter of time before robotics hardware catches up to his software.

He says responsive robots could be a common sight in businesses and homes around the world within the next ten years.

But behind this attractive exterior is advanced software, a type of virtual nervous system, that can learn and even mimic human emotions.

Robot Sophia

Sophia is the creation of robotics expert David Hanson, who believes that artificial life forms can foster better connections with people if they take on a human form. According to Daily mail

Coined by Japanese professor of robotics Masahiro Mori, it refers to the point at which a robot looks almost realistic enough to pass for a human, but retain enough artificiality to make people uncomfortable.

Dr Hanson modelled Sophia after Audrey Hepburn and his wife and is intended to embody classic beauty, the company says.

Have ALIENS lived on Earth before?

It has been one of the biggest unanswered questions for decades – is there, or was there ever, life elsewhere in the solar system?

Now, a space scientist believes he may have the answer. According to Daily mail

Professor Jason Wright claims that 'technological' aliens may have once lived on one of the planets in our solar system, before disappearing without a trace.

Professor Wright is an associate professor in astronomy and astrophysics.

In a paper, titled 'Prior Indigenous Technological Species', Professor Wright suggests that ancient aliens could have lived on Mars, Venus or even Earth.