The strangest kind of coffee in the world

Most of us like to start his morning with a cup of coffee and have plenty of choices to choose from regular coffee to latte and cappuccino, yet there are other options for the wonderful types of coffees available all over the world, you may find these cups of coffee strange and disgusting .. The most prominent of these types:

Coffee in edible cups:

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, Los Angeles, USA, offers coffee in glasses and waffles dipped in milk chocolate.

Coffee from animal feces!!!

This Cockatoo Thinks He Can Dance

Researchers have become convinced that Snowball, a YouTube sensation, and perhaps other animals, share humans’ sensitivity to music. He certainly has his own moves.

When a small group of scientists first saw it a decade ago, they knew that it was more than entertaining. If it was real, it offered the first genuine support for a claim Darwin had made 148 years ago, but never proven: that animals perceived and enjoyed music as much as we did.

Now, the team has published their findings, showing that Snowball can not only groove to music without explicit training, but he’s got his own dance moves.

Mona Lisa must have been FAKING her famous smile

Mona Lisa's famous smile 'wasn't genuine' when Leonardo da Vinci painted her more than 500 years ago, according to research.

Scientists claim that her famous lop-sided grin reflects a non-genuine emotion, indicating the subject is lying, partly because her cheeks were not raised.

The portrait is arguably one of the most well-known works of art and inspires much debate, partly thanks to the subject's ambiguous look, according to Daily Mail.

Art experts, scholars and tourists have for centuries pored over the 16th-century portrait to decipher what her expression means.

Smarter people listen to instrumental music!

Those with a musical preference for Mozart and Bach may be more intelligent than people who prefer words in their music, according to Daily Mail. 

That's according to scientists who say they've found a link between brain power and instrumental music, such as classical and jazz.

More than four-hundred students were observed for the study, which took place in Croatia and was conducted by research scholars from Oxford Brookes University.

Their results showed that people with lower intellect preferred music with lyrics, rather than complex orchestrations.

Toddlers start conversations NOT mothers

Toddlers are the ones that instigate conversation with their parents, contrary to popular belief that claims mothers encourage communication, a study suggests.

Researchers found that young children not only initiate conversation more than their mums and dads, but they also choose the topics, according to Daily Mail.

Conversation is important for language development and previous studies have shown that children begin to develop the skill at a young age, researchers claim.