The strangest kind of coffee in the world

Most of us like to start his morning with a cup of coffee and have plenty of choices to choose from regular coffee to latte and cappuccino, yet there are other options for the wonderful types of coffees available all over the world, you may find these cups of coffee strange and disgusting .. The most prominent of these types:

Coffee in edible cups:

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, Los Angeles, USA, offers coffee in glasses and waffles dipped in milk chocolate.

Coffee from animal feces!!!


Cuban coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world and perhaps the most unusual coffee. What makes this coffee expensive? The answer lies in the uncommon way of producing it. Coffee is made from the feces of an Indonesian-like animal called civet, where the animal eats coffee beans. The feces are collected, processed and sold as Cuban coffee.

Coffee of bird feces:

In fact, Luak is not the only coffee made from animal feces. Prazian, a turkey-like creature called Jacko Bird, also likes coffee beans. Bird feces are collected, finished and sold.

Coffee of butter:

It is common in Singapore to add butter to coffee for a richer and more flavorful flavor. California coffee is known as "bulletproof coffee," which was first introduced by businessman Dave Asbury, Lead to brain function and lead to fat loss without trouble.

Egg Coffee!

"Phe Trung" coffee is a popular coffee in Vietnam, made from egg yolk and condensed milk, where the ingredients are mixed together and the coffee is poured over it.


Cheese Coffee:

Kaffeost" is a Scandinavian tradition known as cheese coffee, where they put a few small pieces of cheese inside the cup and pour hot coffee over it, after a few minutes the cheese is softened and the coffee is ready to drink.


Lama Razzouk