Robot, named Kuri, can recognise your PETS

If you're living with a troublesome pup, then help could be at hand - in the form of a small robot.

According to Daily mail Kuri is a knee-high robot that can recognise pets and children and even tell them off if they're misbehaving.

The robot, is also getting belt treads as feet instead of wheels which means it will be able to move more easily on rugs and soft furnishings.


A sophisticated 1080p HD camera means it will be able to take high quality pictures, videos and even live streaming.

Kuri can rotate his head left and right, and tilt its head down and upwards.

It also learns to recognise family members and can notify its owners through a smartphone when a child arrives home.

Kuri 'speaks only robot' - meaning beeps and bloops - but also offers a range of emotional expressions by rolling its head and moving its eyes. It can also play music to recorded sound

Earlier this year Mr Beebe said he wanted to make Kuri have a character.

'Kuri adds a spark of life to the home. The joy of incorporating a robot in the home is unique and magical.'