Syrian Couple Wins “Longest Married” Award in USA

John and Ann Betar, Syrians live in USA, were married on 25 November 1932, and have been happily married for 80 years. They have five children, 14 grand children and 16 great-grand children.

The couple was selected for 2013 “Longest Married” award in USA out of hundreds couples participated in this competition.

An award ceremony was held, last Saturday, at Connecticut state; home of one of the Betar’s granddaughter.

 “We are very fortunate. It can be repeated and repeated,” Ann, 97, said in a press statement. She added “it is unconditional love and understanding, we are bound to. We consider being awarded with “Longest Married” as a blessing for our long live marriage.”

John, 101, met Ann, 97, while growing up in the same Syrian Community in Connecticut. Breaking with tradition, Ann defied her parents when they set up an arranged marriage for her. She ran off to New York to elope with John. Now, she says she knows she made the right choice.

This competition is yearly organized to promote the virtues of lasting marriages and inspire young couples.


Ibrahim Zaaboub