Minibot that can walk, talk and even teach your kids

A robotics firm has built a minibot that talks, walks and even looks like famed theoretical physicist Albert Einstein according to Daily mail.

The Professor Einstein robot can solve math problems, recognize your voice and even hold a conversation.

The bot comes with an associated app that allows you to play interactive games with Professor Einstein and lets him teach you science and maths.

He can display more than 50 gestures, including smiling, frowning and even sticking his tongue out.

 His batteries last three hours until they need to be charged again and he can talk about the weather, famous people, and food and math problems.

Andy Rifkin, said: 'He has natural language speech processing with the cloud; he can trigger activities on the ipad like videos and interactive games.'

'We all know that human beings learn better the more senses you open up in the human body.

'We have this visual communication between you and the robot, then we have the auditory one, and then while you're using your finger with the ipad and interacting with him, at the same time it's opening up more areas of the brain so you're much more adept to learn.'

You can also download new companion apps from the cloud for more activities with the bot, with one-year of free cloud service included.

Mr Rifkin said one of the things that's behind everything they do with the bot is 'edutainment': education and entertainment combined together.

For example, when asked what the weather was like in Charlotte in a video, the bot responds: 'Conditions in Charlotte are breezy.