Would you dare visit Jurassic ROBO-park?

It's been more than a decade since Jurassic Park hit theaters, but fans of the film have not yet given up hope that such a park could one day exist according to Daily mail.

Now, a Japanese firm is one step closer to making this a reality with an animatronic dinosaur park called Dino-A-Live where visitors see realistic replicas first hand.

The theme park would contain full-sized dinosaur robots, and the firms set some of them lose to announce the park - to the horror of those in attendance.

Kanemaru and his team unveiled fully-painted man-operated robotic models of raptors, an allosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex, in a performance.

The 26-foot tall Tyrannosaurus rex, made a grand entrance first, appearing from the mist onto the stage stomping and roaring at the crowd.

Not too long after, the allosaurus and raptors charged in the room baring their large, sharp teeth.


Staff members acted as caretakers and herded them around the room and even fed them with what appears to be fake meat.


Dino-A-Live isn't the first attempt to recreate Jurassic Park.

The park features 160 dinosaurs, which range from 7 to 72 feet in length, and stand up to 32 feet high.

Many of them are animated with moving limbs and lifelike roars including Jeff the T-Rex, who stands at 26 feet high and 85 feet long.

The tycoon said the park would serve as a reminder of the importance of conservation: 'What we don't want to see is our world end up like the dinosaurs did.

'We've got to take better care of the environment and have a positive message for people.'

'Maybe someday it will rise from the ashes?'