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Only God knows the end of the world; predictions not reliable


 The Member of IRI High Commission for School Districts stressed that no one except God knew about the end of the world. He appreciated the cultural measures meant to reduce global anxiety as high priority.

“Leading predictions of the end of the world need further considerations,” Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Gharavi told Mehr News. “The public should look for grounds for such predictions, either religious or non-religious,” he added.

Some predictions disturb public security of human society.  “Such predictions provide no grounds for being factual. According to Islam, such predictions are not only discredited, but also unauthorized, and disturbs public security of the human communities,” he asserted.

 “What has been endorsed in religious scripts shows that no one but God knows the end of the world, and some signs indicating the end of the world, do not say the final word in this regard”, said Ayatollah Gharavi.

The Savior Cometh theme before the end of the world occurs in sacred Books.

Ayatollah Gharavi also added that according to Islamic tenets, before the end of the world, Messiah (Mahdi) (GPHA) will come. Sacred scriptures other than Islam have also heralded the savior’s coming.

 “Islamic tenets on the coming of the Messiah should be presented to the people of the world in order to diminish the anxiety stirred in societies and to discredit such predictions,” he added.

The anxiety built around the end of the world, which is based on Mayan scriptures’ predictions has brought about some unrest throughout the world, some people believing the tale being in search of a way out.

According to the Mayan scriptures’ prediction, the world comes to end on Dec. 21 2012.

Source: Mehr News