Joy and Happiness on the International Friendship Day

"My friend supports me in time of need, we spend our time together, play and dream of a bright future" is one of the phrases shared by children on the International Friendship Day  on July 30th- an event that was implemented by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers.

The event included entertainment activities, competitions and sharing positive messages between the children. At the end of the activity, supported by UNHCR, the participants painted and decorated pieces of pottery to provide them as gifts to their best friends.

Lama Razzouq   

Constructed in 1943 “Cinema Dimashq”, was the largest movie theater in Mediterranean

In 1908, the first film ever screened in Syria was shown at a cafe in Aleppo. Eight years later, the Ottoman administration established the first film theater, in Damascus. The theater was inaugurated by the Ottoman governor, Jamal Pasha; however, it was burned down one month later. The French assumed mandate over Syria at that time, and many theaters were subsequently built in Damascus. The first Syrian film was Al Muttaham al Baree (The Innocent Suspect), a silent black-and-white feature released in 1928. The film was written, directed and produced by Rasheed Jalal, in association with Ahmed Tello. The crew set another precedent by forming the first Syrian production company: Hermon Film. In 1934, the second silent black-and-white film, Tahta Sama' Dimashq (Under the Damascus Sky), was released, coinciding with the Egyptian musical talkie ( a term used to diferanciate between silent movies and spoken ones), Unshudat al Fuad (Hymn of the Heart). In 1943 the 1,500 seat Cinema Dimashq, one of the largest movie theaters ever constructed in the Eastern Mediterranean, opened in Damascus.

The Youth and Short Film Festival defies war and the Coronavirus

The Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival will kick off today (June 25) at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts, and 23 short films which were produced by a grant given by the Youth Cinema Support Project, will be shown.

“The First Day”: A film within the youth cinema project

The Syrian National Film Organization has finished the shooting of the short feature film ‘First Day’, which was produced by a grant given by the Youth Cinema Support Project.

Lotus Masoud wrote and directed the film as her first directorial experience with the seventh art, after two experiments in writing the theatrical text.

The First Day saw the launch of the new season in preparation for the Youth and Short Film Festival.

The film talks about May 22, 2018 when finally the terrorist mortars that had fallen like rain on Damascus city stopped, after the governmental forces retook all suburbs around Damascus city.

The feature film (Against the Wall) is a new film by the General Establishment of Cinema

The filming of the feature- length  film, " Against the Wall", directed by Aws Mohammed and produced by the General Establishment of Cinema, takes place in separate areas of Damascus and its countryside.

The movie recounts the story of  Dr. Qusay, who holds a doctorate in media studies,  and whose life changes when someone comes to ask him about an old friend who has a problem. The doctor is then subjugated to  enormous pressure that puts him in a difficult situation. Since then,  the search journey begins.

The film does not directly monitor the war and crisis in Syria, but rather deals with the repercussions and implications  of the Syrian crisis and the terrorist war on the current society.