Horoscope 12-14(8)


Your heart and emotions are on the same page, Aries, but they may not be on the page you want them to be. It could be that you're reminiscing about an event from the past. What was once a happy set of encounters now leaves you feeling like there are thorns in your side. Focus on the present and let the past become history.




Let your sensual, nurturing instincts shine through, Taurus. Rely on your sixth sense. If things start to get rough, remember that you have the ability to keep your cool. Not only is this an extremely important tool but it's also essential to maintaining any sort of stability in the situation. Keep your footing at all times. Your sanity depends on it.





A solid grounding is apt to be extremely important to you today, Gemini. Hearts may be broken or won, depending on how well you play your cards. Keep in mind that the slow and steady contender is most likely going to win this race. All the talk in the world will get you nowhere. Today is about quality and action. Shoddy efforts will yield shoddy results






Regardless of how much the storm seems to be raging out of control, you will be able to handle it, Cancer. Have confidence in your grounded nature. There's a reason why you take the time to address the details and carefully plan your moves. Today is one day when you will see the rewards of your diligent actions, especially in love, beauty, and your deepest emotions.




Hold on to your hat, Leo, and be ready for some action. You're coming to a critical point in your emotional cycle when your heart feels heavy. You may feel pinned down by a huge weight, like you're being sucked into quicksand. Grab a branch and pull yourself out. Rise above the current situation with the help of a lofty perspective.




In a string of intense emotional dramas, the last thing you need is one more, Virgo. Unfortunately, it looks like you're going to get just that. Once again, an incredible romantic scenario is coming to a head, and your emotions are in turmoil. Hold still, wait for the hit, and then proceed. If you have the feeling that you're going to blow up at someone, simply walk away from the situation.




There's a great deal of grounding energy in your world today, Libra, which might work to smother your fire. Whatever happens, don't let the embers burn out. One of the assets you bring to the group is a strong dynamism that gives people the courage to change. Be a fighter in the ring. Remember that at the end of the day, you need only be satisfied with the performance of one person - you.





Take pressing matters to the hilt today, Scorpio, especially when it comes to romantic issues and emotional needs. You have all the data you need to make a valid point. You have a whole battalion of facts to back you up, so fire at will. Your feelings are strong and intense. Don't ignored them under any circumstances. Go with your gut instincts before you trust anything else.





As you try to express your opinions today, you may have the feeling that someone is kicking sand in your face, Sagittarius. Like a kid on the beach, you have nothing but the raw elements to use to defend yourself. Use one of your greatest gifts - the power of your mind - to combat the opposing force. Your ability to outsmart others will be your most powerful tool.




Your boat is likely to be rocked today, Capricorn, to the point where you and all of your belongings could go overboard. Be prepared to swim ashore. Grounding and stability are the keys to maintaining a healthy attitude, especially when it comes to ever-fluctuating emotions. Issues regarding the home and people's possessions are likely to surface in a dramatic manner. Listen to your heart for the answers.




Calm down and get centered, Aquarius. This is an extremely sensual day that's likely to pique your emotions. You're apt to receive input from each one of your senses, so keep these channels open and available for new information that's trying to break through. Don't be hasty. You're better off taking a reserved, receptive approach today.





Today is your day to shine in every way, Pisces. There's a concentration of energy in your favor, so act boldly and without hesitation. Your emotions are leading the way, and your heart is barely a half a step.