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His Excellency, President Bashar Al-Assad underscored that the Syrians are certain of the Syrian victory against the foreign conspiracy and terrorists.

According to remarks published by Lebanese daily al-Akhbar , published by al-Manar website, H.E. pointed out that it was illogical to set a date for the war on Syria to be ended because of the continuous support of terrorism by international and regional countries.

President Bashar al-Assad’s interview with Agence France Presse

DAMASCUS- (ST) -In an exclusive interview with AFP, President Bashar Al-Assad said that the forthcoming Geneva Conference should produce clear results with regard to the fight against terrorism in Syria, because no political process can be successful with terrorism having been spread not only in Syria but in the neighboring countries too.

"Any political solution that is reached without fighting terrorism has no value," H.E added.

He stressed that countries sponsoring and exporting terrorism to Syria, particularly Saudi Arabia and Turkey, should also be pressured to halt their financial, military and logistic support for the terrorists.

President Al-Assad: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey support terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad pointed out that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey support terrorism in Syria.

Interviewed by Al-Mayadeen Satellite TV, President Al-Assad added that Saudi Arabia publically supports  the armed groups and implements sincerely the policies of the United States. Syria is to negotiate with  the boss and not with the executioners.

In reply to a question, H.E. President Al-Assad added that it is still early to talk about his candidacy for Presidency in the coming elections before setting the date for the elections, pointing out that there is no reason, however, as not to be a candidate.

H.E. President Al-Assad called on the UN envoy to Syria, Elakhdar Al-Ibrahimi, to commit himself to his task and not to deviate from it. 

President Al-Assad: The biggest victory today is to eliminate terrorism, terrorists and terrorist thinking,


DAMASCUS, (ST)- The biggest victory today is to eliminate terrorism, terrorists and terrorist thinking, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Interviewed by the Tishreen (October) Daily on the 40th Anniversary of Tishreen war of liberation, President Al-Assad outlined that "Most of world countries are today  aware of the ongoing in Syria and most of them stand by Syria as far as the solution, especially when the solution is through Geneva 2,'', asserting the need to end support for terrorist groups in Syria, especially the support provided by the West tools in the region like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

President Assad to Der Spiegel: "We did not use chemical weapons"


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ President Bashar Al-Assad accuses the West of lies and maintains that he is only seeking to defend his country.

Interviewed by the German Der Spiegel, President Bashar Al-Assad speaks out about inspections of his country's chemical weapons, possible new elections and the role of Germany, the United States and Russia in his country's crisis. He also continues to vehemently deny any role in chemical weapons attacks on civilians and the armed opposition.

"We did not use chemical weapons," he tells the magazine. "This is a misstatement. So is the picture you paint of me as a man who kills his own people."