His Excellency, President Bashar Al-Assad underscored that the Syrians are certain of the Syrian victory against the foreign conspiracy and terrorists.

According to remarks published by Lebanese daily al-Akhbar , published by al-Manar website, H.E. pointed out that it was illogical to set a date for the war on Syria to be ended because of the continuous support of terrorism by international and regional countries.

President Al-Assad said that “we have foiled the conspiracy against Syria on the strategic level,” stressing that the state will triumph even if the elimination of the terrorists will take time. “What is important is that the leadership, army and people are absolutely certain that the victory is yet to come.”

Syria is subjected to a foreign conspiracy and terrorism will return to where it was originated, journalist Sami Kleib quoted H.E. President Al-Assad as saying. “The West has lately adopted what I used to say during the start of the crisis because it knew that the fire will hit its territories”

H.E. underscored that dialogue and reconciliation will be priorities during this stage. "We have made peace with militants and issued general amnesty, what about dialogue with each other.”

“Homs reconciliation was not a result of an international and regional agreement, it was a result of dialogue between the popular defense and militants. Those people know each other, live together. For that, the reconciliation turned out well.”

H.E. President Al-Assad noted that he continued to meet people and delegations: “from the first moment of the crisis I felt that the people trust the state, its president and its army. For, I bet on the people ability to thwart this conspiracy.”

“And the elections results came to say that people haven’t changed despite media, reinforcement, terrorism, Takfiri trend, and the foreign conspiracy.”

On the Russian stance, President Al-Assad said that President Vladimir Putin was and will keep on supporting the Syrian position “because he believes that the war against Syria was not a result of popular anger but because some foreign countries wanted to destroy Syria’s role.”

He pointed out that the Russia had witnessed some of what Syria was subjected to during the war.

“They wanted for Russia to be engaged in wars with terrorism, extremism or separatism.”

“As he defended Syria, Putin was not only assuring the strength of the alliance between Moscow and Damascus, he also wanted to rebalance the Unipolar global system.”

Iran Firm towards Syria

 “The Iranian ally realizes that the war against Syria targets him as well because it (war) targets the resistance and its backers,” Sami Kleib quoted Assad as saying.

On the nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers, President Al-Assad stressed that Tehran is firm on its stance towards the west.

“It is not Iran who has changed its policy towards Syria; it is the West who has sent signals for change. The terrorism has hit the West’s depth. There is an American citizen who blew up himself in Syria, and there is a French man of Moroccan origins who killed Jews in Brussels.”

As he was talking about Saudi Arabia, President Al-Assad noted that Riyadh has repeatedly voiced readiness to normalize relations with the Zionist entity.

“Saudi Arabia was ready to offer anything to Israel for nothing in return. It was worried about the US reaction following the 9/11 attacks and the involvement of Saudis in these attacks.”

President Al-Assad also revealed that the Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz asked him at the beginning of the Syrian crisis to “crush the rebels and especially the Muslim Brotherhood,” noting that he had offered help on this issue.

As for the considerations that affect the Saudi stance towards Syria, “foreign dictations mix with personal hatred,” the Syrian leader went on to say.

M. A.