One Woman ….One Hundred Companies

(ST)_ A delicate, gentle and charming woman wearing the Chinese typical dress at the China City pavilion in 61st Damascus International Fair- no she is not the cultural representative of China; she is the General Manager of 100 companies that make China City, in the free zone in Adra city. Syriatimes meet Ms. Zhou Dong Yun, General Manager of China City on the sidelines of Damascus International Fair.

Ms. Zhou Dong Yun supplied Syriatimes with a detailed explanation of China City in the Adra Free zone; which is considered an important Import/Export center for all Chinese merchandises and products in Syria. "It is a get-together, Chinese large companies and industries with Syrian businessmen, bridging the Chinese product with the local trader.

Homs Businesswomen Committee Seeks Empowering Women, Improve their Economic Status

Homs, (ST) - Throughout  ages, women have been distinguished by their active participation in different fields. Since Beijing Conference in 1996, there has been an increasing interest in the issue of women empowerment to help them play an effective role and contribute to decision-making in various areas.

 Adopting this trend, the Businesswomen Committee in Homs Chamber of Commerce has played an important and distinguished role in supporting Syrian women.

Maria Abdullah is the first Syrian woman specialized in orthopedic surgery

Dr. Maria Abdullah from Tartus is the first Syrian woman specialized in orthopedic surgeon.

“I choose to study orthopedics because it is one of the most enjoyable specialization. It full of imagination, art and talent” Dr. Maria Abdullah told SANA.

Dr. Maria studied orthopedics and got the Syrian Board Certification with an excellent degree and had the opportunity to get training courses in one of the hospitals of Tartous".

The young woman said that Syrian women have the ability and conditions to achieve their dreams in any field they choose stressing that the Syrian woman has proved that she is able to succeed in various scientific and professional fields.

Humans … left behind

 Damascus - Foreign media and humanitarian organisations continue to trigger the myth of Syrian refugees under the pretext that many Syrians will not be safe in Syria as long as the present situation continues, because "they will be arrested, disappeared, detained, tortured and executed," and their return will be like "signing their death warrants.”

In May 2014, thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon poured into the Syrian embassy in Lebanon to cast ballots in the presidential election in Syria. At the time, many foreign reporters were at the scene, seeing many of the crowds appear to be Assad supporters holding banners depicting the image of the Syrian president. Some in the crowd shouted, "with our souls, with our blood, we will sacrifice for you, Assad," Liz Sly - A British journalist and a correspondent for The Washington Post reported

Alice Kandalaft, the first Arab woman at the UN, representing Syria in 1948

Perhaps many Syrians do not know who Alice Kandalaft is. She is a Damascene girl, who later became the first diplomatic not only in Syria and the Arab world, but also in third world countries. This great Syrian woman had a special and remarkable presence in UN in 1940s. According to the documents recorded by the United Nations, Alice was distinguished as one of those active women who had proved during working for years in UN that she was a living example for those who believe in a cause and defend it with full force and solidity.

Alice was born in Damascus in 1895 to a known family, who lived in al-Qaymariya district in old Damascus.

She completed her preparatory study at the Orthodox Patriarchate School and then moved to Beirut where she studied high school at the Syrian Protestant College.