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“No Time, but for Love”

What was fascinating about that novelist when I meet her in her comfort zone -her home- that despite all the appearances of a typical Syrian home and family, and most importantly a typical Syrian woman, Amal Abo Saad is far from that description. The Syrian novelist and Arabic teacher, Amal Abo Saad, through her novel “There is no Time but for Love” take us to the world of love at a time of war through her protagonist “Leila”. However I do not deny my eagerness as I was running above the lines of the novel, and like any Syrian woman, craving to know whether love will succeed!

Exhibition of the artist Lynn Batal, boldness of idea and novelty of colors

Damascus, (ST) - With her female painting brush, in which she rebelled against reality and the spontaneously of her ideas, the plastic artist, Lynn Batal embodied her works in the art work space. Her paintings are a mixture of boldness and modernity at the level of both color and idea.

The exhibition, which opened in the artist's gallery, Fatih al-Mudares for Fine Art embodied a different experience in the field of women’s plastic art at the level of the style in which Batal returned to the primacy of the idea and color.

Batal told SANA that her use of a rudimentary style came in different colors considering that the paintings included in her gallery give impressions of the man's relationship with the female and the person's relationship with himself through using acrylic and inks.

"Female Melodies" solo exhibition of fine artist Sawsan Haj Ibrahim

Damascus, (ST) - The exhibition hosted by the Arab Cultural Center in al-Adawi, under the title “Female Melodies” by Sawsan Haj Ibrahim depicts woman with colors of serenity and purity.

The exhibition included approximately 50 multi-topic paintings with women as a major theme in an expressive and abstract style.

A charity bazaar opened in "Four Seasons Hotel" in Damascus with the support of UNFPA

With the aim of promoting their products, women from 20 civil societies have participated in a two-day bazaar in "Four Seasons Hotel" in Damascus.

 The activity was held with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and it showed handicraft works, including crochet, embroidery, accessories, and the manufacture of sweets.

Women Eliminate Illiteracy and Seek More Gains

"To be or not to be is what I will prove to myself and society." This is what Ms. Amina Al Ali, 45 year, said after she successfully completed the first course of the literacy program and enrolled in the second level to fulfill her dream to continue her studies and help her children after the martyrdom of her husband.

She added that she has not been able to learn because of her harsh social conditions, but today she is more determined to go this way and continue her life naturally and find suitable work.