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Our Women on the Ground: Syrian Women are tired of only talking about ‘Women’s Issues’

More and more female Syrian writers, journalists, and artists are offering an alternative voice to the typically male, often autocratic voice that dominates the Middle East. The notion that Syrian women have much more to say than just commenting on their lives as women and on gender issues should be an obvious one, especially in War times.

Now, however, a growing chorus of Syrian women is offering an alternative to the typically male, often oppressive voice that dominates within their own societies (and in Western portrayals of the region). Through a variety of media, from journalism to television to literature, they are undermining the long-held narrative of Arab women as docile and submissive.

Simple ideas turned into small success projects in the hands of Syrian women

Provinces, ST-The  number of Syrian women who try to  transform simple and distinctive ideas into real projects is increasing  day by day, either as a desire to pursue a hobby or simply to improve and increase their families' income.

The  women who participate in  these successful initiatives come from all over  Syria . They all try to challenge the difficult economic and social circumstances. They are able, with simple tools and little funding, to benefit from their talents and hobbies to start businesses capable of achieving a good income to help their families.

"Female Pulse and Sense"… The first solo exhibition of Nahla Mawal

Sweida,ST- Innate touches inspired by the  female  sense and gentility portrayed by the artist Nahla Mawal in her first individual exhibition entitled (Female Pulse and Sense).

The exhibition, which was hosted by the "All Arts" Hall in Sweida, included 29 artistic works that represent woman in all her moods joy, sadness, love, creativity and steadfastness, in an expressive style using oil and water colors.

In a statement to SANA, Mawal pointed out that woman means a lot to her, she is the homeland in all its meanings. She is land and nature.

The first solo exhibition of the artist Hana Al-Oqla

Damascus,(ST)  - With her unique female sense, artist Hana Al -Oqla chose the theme of women within multiple humanitarian situations that mimic pain, nostalgia and war in her first solo exhibition. She entitled the exhibition “Maraya".

The paintings of the exhibition, which was hosted by Zawaya Gallery for Culture and Arts in Al-Qassa'a neighborhood in Damascus reflected the remarkable contradiction between the content of the subjects and the bright colors expressing hope and joy.

A Feminist poetry evening at the cultural Center in Abo Rummaneh

Damascus, ST- Contemporary Syrian female poetry prevailed in the poetry reading evening held by the Arab Cultural Center in Abo Rommaneh for eight female poets who presented texts that varied between prose and poetry.

The readings presented by the critic Emad Fayyad differed between national, social and emotional genres.  At the beginning, the poet Hana Al-Omar delivered a number of texts formed by selected words and serious indications to reflect the reality of the society and the role of women in it. While Alia Issa's texts penetrated into the social and national human concerns which are always affected by reality.