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A Feminist poetry evening at the cultural Center in Abo Rummaneh

Damascus, ST- Contemporary Syrian female poetry prevailed in the poetry reading evening held by the Arab Cultural Center in Abo Rommaneh for eight female poets who presented texts that varied between prose and poetry.

The readings presented by the critic Emad Fayyad differed between national, social and emotional genres.  At the beginning, the poet Hana Al-Omar delivered a number of texts formed by selected words and serious indications to reflect the reality of the society and the role of women in it. While Alia Issa's texts penetrated into the social and national human concerns which are always affected by reality.

Feminine Experiences

The Arab Cultural Centre in Abu Romaneh recently hosted a collective art exhibition under the title of "Feminine Experiences 2" that focused on Syrian woman as a symbol of beauty, love, fertility, hope, happiness and sacrifice. The exhibits highlight the crucial role played by Syrian women at the time of peace and war. The participating artists depicted Syrian women as active participants not only in the details of everyday life, but also in the socio-political fields and in all domains.

The important role played by Syrian women during the past eight years was also brought to light by the participants showing the strong personality of Syrian women and their determination to overcome difficulties and obstacles resulting from the terrorist war launched against the country.

“Hiya & Honna” … [She& She(s)[1] ]

Damascus (ST)_ On Kabbani Theater stage colorful strings hanging from wool balls were awaiting us, a mother weaving a three color wool sweater on a loom for her son Shadi. Those colorful strings were weaved with tears of oppression and loss. The heroine was groaning from deprivation, cruelty and denial of a society that put her in a large prison.  

Kabbani Theater hosted three consecutive shows of “Hiya & Honna” [She& She(s)] play, which is a Lebanese monodrama posing the problem of womanhood in the Arab world; performed by the Lebanese actress Marwa Qarouni and directed and script written by Mashhour Mustafa.

Captain Widad Shuja'a... First Female Syrian pilot

"Captain Widad Shuja welcomes you aboard the Boeing 727, and wishes you a happy and safe journey."  That was the nice delicate female voice coming out of the speakers’ on-board Syrian Airlines plane.

Some passengers felt a sense of pride that a girl from their country was the pilot of a jet plane. Whereas, others were worried about a woman's aptitude to sit in a man's seat. A feeling that accompanied them until the plane landing at Paris Orly Airport.

Captain Widad Shuja'a, a young woman from Syria, has joined the group of Arab girls who have entered this field aptly, as they lead several models of modern jet aircraft on various international routes.

Syrian women proved their success in various fields of life throughout history

Throughout history, Syrian women have always prove to be an example in struggle and courage in various fields of life. They excelled in politics, business, literature, sports, art, medicine and many other domains .They also struggled to get their full rights and imposed her strong personality and raised the name of Syria in national and international forums.

These are some well-known names of Syrian women who later became famous symbols that we are proud of in the present and through ancient and contemporary history:

Nazik Al-Abed

She was an activist, a fighter and a writer. With her determination and strong will, she was one of the first women in Syria who called for women's liberation.