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Plastic Artist, Majd Makarem, delves into the world of women and their human and aesthetic values

The human and aesthetic values of women are the prominent title of the work of the artist, Majd Makarem, who has proven a distinctive presence in the world of art, expressing the hopes, thoughts and dreamy feelings inside a woman.

SANA quoted Makarem as saying that she had held her first exhibition in 2014, which was a difficult step for her, as her artistic experience had not matured, pointing out that her participation in the exhibitions and forums held in Beirut, Dubai and Amman was an opportunity for her to enrich her artwork, by learning about the experiences of artists in this field.

Makarem's methods varied due to the diversity of her subjects, but she did not leave the vast banks of the expressive school, which has overwhelmed her works . This unleashed her feelings to float on the surface of her paintings  with the use of a broad spectrum of color and the strength of its expression as a means of embodying her feelings and visions with a variety of aesthetic artistic images..

She went on to say that the presence of women in her works  has been adopted as a self-standing world based on her ability as a female to express, honestly, her feelings and the potentials of herself in color, vision, rhythm, clarifying that she cannot put forward steps for a subject or idea of work, but leaves her feelings and interactions with the painting to choose the subject of work, which comes through a mixture of emotions that she shared with the portrait over a period of time.

With a value of 34 million loans from the Rural Women Program in Latakia

 Within the framework of developing rural women and encouraging small projects, Eng. Rabab Wardah, head of the rural women department in the Directorate of Agriculture, stated that the total mass of home food manufacturing loans to rural women amounted to 34 million pounds distributed among 32 beneficiaries who are working on the manufacture of dairies, pomegranate molasses, producing distillers and jams and soap industry. Warda showed that the total food processing loans in Lattakia Governorate are 150.

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Syrian Women Recount Stories of Their Kidnapping by ISIS Terrorists

"The holy blood of the Syrian Arab Army’s martyrs won’t go in vain. Every drop of my husband’s blood when he was slaughtered savagely by ISIS terrorists in the northern countryside of Lattakia province because he was one of the Syrian  Army personnel is a source of pride, hope, strength and steadfastness,” Mrs. Hasna Issa said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sidelines of an event held by “Assawari” Civil Society Association in Lattakia province  marking  International Women’s Day ( IWD)  and Mother’s Day.

She underlined  that  the worst and most brutal massacres were carried out by terrorists in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

 “I will not forget that day when I and my three little children witnessed the slaughtering of my husband. When my five-year old son saw his father lying on the ground  covered with his blood, he threw stones at the terrorists, who then tied the child to a tree and started torturing him by burning his body with a hot iron rod,” Mrs. Issa added with her eyes full of tears and sadness.

Supporting Women 's Activity" Exhibition for Women Empowerment

With the aim of supporting productive ladies, The Business Women Committee Exhibition, was recently launched in Homs with the participation of forty women presented a set of manual and traditional works.

The exhibition, which lasted for three days in the Homs Chamber of Commerce, included a variety of handicrafts that mimic modernity with heritage templates  , such as various textile pieces and embroideries, in addition to the  different innovative methods in preserving foodstuffs, making pastries, antiques, gifts, ornamental pieces, and recycling of environmental waste including cloth, wood, glass, and others.

Syrian women show unique steadfastness despite deep wounds

Nine years of terrorist war on Syria have had adverse impacts on all citizens, particularly women, who have faced different forms of challenges and have taken new roles and responsibilities in supporting their families.

On International Women's Day, it is important to remind the world that Syria encompasses plenty of examples of great Syrian women who have lost their loved ones in the terrorist war, yet kept steadfast ,struggling to bring up their children, defy the economic burdens of life under the crisis and maintain their key role in all domains.

"Syrian women have always been an example of giving, resistance and patience, struggling alongside the heroes of the Syrian army both in battlefields and at home, where they have been the breadwinners of their families given the absence of their men who are either still fighting terrorism or were martyred defending the homeland,” said Nabila Ibrahim, a sister of two martyrs- Nader and Ibrahim- and the wife of the wounded soldier Amer Othman.

She stressed that that the martyrdom of her two brothers and the wounds of her husband while defending Syria against takfiri terrorists is a source of pride to her and to her mother, pointing out that the difficulties that have faced women during the war have strengthened their determination to give more.