"Their Music" a Classical Music Evening to Mark "Women Day"

Under the patronage of Mr. Muhammad Al-Ahmad, Minister of Culture and the Directorate of Musical Institutes and Ballet, Mahmoud Al-Ajan Institute of Music will hold a classical music evening on Monday at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia, entitled "Their Music", marking International Women's Day which is celebrated worldwide on March 8.

"We intended to hold this event on Women’s Day in an attempt to introduce some of the female musicians who performed musical masterpieces and did not receive the popularity that the works of male musicians had received" , Miss Salma Mhana, the supervisor of the evening, declared to the Syria times e-newspaper.

Kanana Aloush " lioness of Syrian media"

Kenana Alloush, the correspondent of the Syrian "Sama" TV in Aleppo, is one of the ambitious Syrian women and a Syrian media icon who has been working courageously and professionally on the ground to cover the Syrian Arab army's operations against terrorist groups in Aleppo, thus named by many Syrians as the lioness of the Syrian media.

Kenana graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities- French Language Department- at Tishreen University with excellent degree. But her passion was for journalism.

In 2003, she started her media career as a broadcaster in the General Authority for Radio and Television. She prepared and presented several successful programs for the Syrian TV including "Gardenia" and "Good Morning Aleppo". Kenana is fluent in French, English and Italian languages.

Gift boxes, accessories, flower arrangements are part of an innovative project of an ambitious young Syrian woman

Homs, (ST)- Noor Al-Hindawi’s hobby of converting cardboard and paperboard into artistic shapes and figures has soon became a productive project that pays good financial income, especially after she has developed it by using new techniques that helped her create amazing pieces of art.

"Supporting Women’s Activities" Exhibition seeks empowering women


Homs, (ST)- In preparation for holding Women's Day, which falls on the 8th of March, the Committee of Businesswomen at the Homs Chamber of Commerce will hold the Fourth Marketing Exhibition under the title "Supporting Women’s Activities".

 Mrs. Afaf Al-Hassan, head of the Businesswomen Committee in Homs, told the Syria Times e-newspaper that "in an attempt to support and encourage creative women, the Businesswomen Committee in Homs holds every year a number of activities that aim at empowering women financially and morally.

This exhibition is one of these events that could be an opportunity to encourage women to develop their works, skills and to market their products in order to improve their living conditions.

(Made with love) .. Candles, ceramic works and souvenirs as part of a product project for two ambitious young women

Homs, (ST)- Two ambitious young women from Homs launched their own project called "Made with Love". This project, led by Ola Khashfa and Atta Al Sibai, includes a wide range of wax products and ceramic works that  attract a large number of people due to their specialty and beauty in terms of form, implementation, and the quality of the materials and the professional methods used .

The project  which was launched, according to Khashfa, a year and a half ago through the “Acacia” bazaar in Homs, united the efforts of the two young women who were working alone, which doubled creativity in  work and broadened her horizons, especially as her work is based on an academic background provided by her studies at the Teacher Training Institute”.