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Diverse artistic works at the "feminine experience 4" exhibition in Damascus

Head of the Directorate of Culture in Damascus Waseem Al- Moubbayed and Director of the Arab Cultural Center Rabab Ahmad have recently opened a collective exhibition titled "Feminine Experiences 4" at the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.

 The exhibition includes diverse works for 26 women artists in photography, paintings, engraving on stones, and Arabic calligraphy.

Artist and photographer, Zakaa Izzat Al-Kahhal, the organizer of the exhibition, told Syria Times e- newspaper “the idea formed because we wanted to hold a distinguished exhibition. We were seven talented artists and now we are 26 artists. The exhibited works are various.”

"Skilled Women" Program in Aleppo ... Enhancing women's capabilities and empowering them to choose productive projects

Aleppo, (ST)- Enhancing women's capabilities, developing their skills, enabling them to choose appropriate productive projects, managing their time well to be an effective partner in building society and supporting the national economy, are among the most important goals that the "Skilled Women" program,  by the Business Women Committee of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, seeks to achieve.

Head of the Chamber’s Businesswomen Committee indicated to SANA that the “Skilled Women” program included organizing several theoretical lectures and practical applications for the participants on life skills, communication, time management, as well as the economic feasibility study and planning for any project that any woman could carry out to enter the labor market and achieve success.

The novel, "Years of Labor", depicts the fate of Syrian women during wartimes

The dramatic character and narrative language that depict the repercussions of the war on Syria, dominate the details of Rana Al Asali's novel "Years of Labor".  The author chose female protagonists for her novel, who sought to challenge their realities and the various endings that they were exposed to in order to achieve their goals.

According to Al-Asali, the novel for which she was entitled for the golden award in the international competition for the year 2020 held by the Arab Awards Group in London along with seven Syrian figures in poetry and plastic art and fiction sheds light on what we have suffered in the last ten years. She has always believed that literature has an important message in terms of awareness, problem solving, documentation, in addition to its role in entertainment and education.

Crocheted Amigurumi a unique art project that helps Syrian women improve their living conditions

Amigurumi is  the  Japanese art  of knitting or crocheting small , stuffed yarn dolls . The word is a portmanteau of two Japanese terms: ami which means crocheted or knitted and nuigurumi a stuffed doll .  The art of Amigurumi has been known in Japan for several decades.  

Through the  Crocheted  Amigurumi  Art Project, a group of women in Damascus countryside managed to secure a source of income for them to improve their living conditions  by using these simple materials to knit  dolls of different shapes by hand.

Writer Rawaa Sonbol ranks first in Arab Authority for Theater competition

The Syrian writer Rawaa Sonbol won first place in the Arab Authority  for the  Theater Award.

The announcement of the award came during a ceremony held by the Authority at its headquarters in Sharjah, UAE, on the occasion of Arab Theater Day which is celebrated on the 10th of January every year.