"Confronting violence against women" a symposium held in Jaramana

Damascus Countryside (ST): The Cultural Station in Jaramana held a symposium entitled "Culture of Confronting Violence against Women", which included clarification of the phenomena of violence and crimes committed recently, the ways to confront it, and the cultural and educational foundations that must be implemented.

The head of the literary cultural station, Abeer Nader, clarified the misconceptions and fraud that occurred to combat women's awareness and cultural maturity, in order to expand the circle of ignorance and the lack of women's contribution to development.

Nader indicated that activating culture is supposed to be a priority, so that the role of women and men is one in all aspects of life.


Researcher, Hiyam Nahle, explained that it is necessary to invest all cultural opportunities to create spiritual and social relationships based on love and to quell psychological disorders that affect society and to activate positive education that creates a cohesive generation because history has been subjected to fraud in many of what was sent to us, which encouraged extremism and injustice, terrorism and murder and women were at the forefront of the victims.

A number of the participants made interventions which enriched the topic.