16 Days Campaign to Combat Gender-Based Violence

The Syria Al-Yamamah Charitable Society, in cooperation with the Syrian Family Planning Association, with the support of the United Nations Population Program, carried out a set of activities within the 16 days campaign to combat violence against women.

The activities that were held at Al-Balabil Restaurant in the center of Hasakah city included competitions, theater performances, an awareness-raising seminar with the participation of a group of local community women, and an exhibition of the products of women and girls who benefited from the courses implemented in Hawl and Aresha camps.

The director of the Safe Spaces Project for Women and Girls in the Syrian Al-Yamamah Association, Muntaha Al-Hussein, stated that the event aims to spread awareness among women and girls, empower them, help them build themselves, overcome the obstacles imposed on them through customs and traditions in society, and introduce their rights and equality with men.


For her part, Diana Fadl, the participant in the exhibition, said, I benefited greatly from the courses implemented within the Safe Spaces project, and learned the profession of sewing, and today I display a large part of my products within the exhibition.

In Daraa, the Working Women's Committee of the Daraa Workers Union, in cooperation with the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Social Development, organized a legal session to raise awareness of the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence.

Yamamah Al-Rabdawi, head of the Working Women's Committee in the Federation, explained that the aim of the session was to familiarize women with their rights and duties and to combat all forms of violence against them.

For her part, Maram Akrad from the Beitna Care Center of the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development spoke about the health services and free medicines that are provided to women within the center, pointing out the importance of educating women and informing them of their rights and duties, especially in the field of education and abstaining from early marriage.