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The perfect mother, Madiha Jahjah, the first midwife in Syrian coast

In 1969, she graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, then began her working life in Dameer area in Damascus countryside for three years, and worked in the countryside service with her late husband Saeed Kanaan in Jableh countryside.After several years she was employed in school health clinic of Jableh.

In another field, she joined the Women's Union in 1975, and participated in several activities at the governorate level. She was also affiliated with the Seyaj Al-Watan Association for the war-wounded, and then she joined the "We Are One Group" for the wounded and martyrs.. She was the right hand of her late husband, Dr. Saeed Kanaan, who was famous for drawing and art. With him, for long nights, she persevered in creating a life that spoke the beauty of their human paintings.

On the level of literature, she is a founder of the Love and Peace Forum and a member of the Historical and Scientific Society, and also a member and founder of the Al Sheraa Forum for Culture and Creativity. She was honored by the Women’s Union in Syria three times, and from Jableh schools several times, and was also honored by the Directorate of Education in Lattakia, and by the Union of Midwives. 


The honorable Mrs. Madiha Jahjah is 85 years old, and she still keeps pace with most of the cultural and literary events in the role of the official centers scattered in our beautiful Syrian coast. She has many honors from most literary forums. She was awarded the ideal mother certificate by one of the international organizations in Canada, and she was also honored in 1999 From the Teachers Syndicate in Damascus in honor of the original national giving.

lama Razzouk