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Bloomberg: Violence against women in Turkey exacerbating

The American Bloomberg Website has revealed that vilence against women in Turkey has exacerbated particularly after Ankara's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, a European treaty to combat violence against women.

This fact has placed the Turkish regime, led by Recep Tayyib Erdogan, in an embarrassing position before its European neighbors.

In a recent report, the Bloomberg website, said that the Turkish regime's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention last March despite massive criticism and protests against the move, has uncovered the escalating violence against women in Turkey and has put Ankara in an embarrassing situation vis a vis Europe with which the Turkish regime has been trying to establish strong relations.

 This withdrawal sparked large protests in different Turkish cities, but riot police broke up the demonstrations, under the pretext of anti-corona pandemic measures. The decision has increased concern about the safety of women and about female participation in economy.

The website noted Ankara's dangerous record concerning violence against women. Turkey ranked 133rd out of 156 in the World Economic Forum's most recent Global Gender Gap report.

In 2020, 300 women were killed in Turkey, mostly by their partners, and 171 others were found dead under suspicious circumstances, the website said.

 Hamda Mustafa