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Syria is the Mother of All" exhibition supports rural breadwinning women

HAMA,(ST)_In an initiative that aims to encourage handmade and traditional crafts, the “Artizana” Syria project has organized an exhibition entitled “ Syria is the Mother of All" in Hama city. 
The exhibition includes products made by rural women, who are breadwinners in different areas in Hama governorate, according to a report published in Arabic by the Syrian News Agency ( SANA). 
The report quoted Hama Governer Mohammad Tarik Krishati, who attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, as saying that traditional crafts represent our national heritage and identity. 
Traditional crafts are important at economic and social levels as they create job opportunities to female breadwinners, according to the governor , who underscored the need to upgrade this industry that would contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development. 
For her part, representative of the “Artizana" project Hala Al-Kenayeh, said that the project seeks to save the ancient Syrian heritage, which Syria's enemies have tried to destroy. 
She asserted that handmade crafts help Syrian women improve living conditions and protect social fabric. 
“I benefited from production grant that was offered by “Mashro'ee” project  launched by the Syria Trust for Development,” said Nahida Al-Ali, one of the participants in the exhibition. 
Al-Ali makes natural vinegar and she participates in the two-day activity to promote  her products. 
The crafts of natural silk, loom, textile printing are among the handmade works that are known in Hama governorate. 
The activity was organized in cooperation with the Syria Trust for Development, Syrian Chamber of Tourism Federation and Sham Wings Airlines. 
Basma Qaddour